About Us

The services offered by Coastal Realty & Acquisition Services, Inc. are generally provided from a team of affiliated independent real estate professionals.   The composition of the team for a particular project, of course, is based specifically upon the needs and goals of the client. 

Services provided by the Coastal team can include:
Site searches and evaluations,
Engineering services,
Environmental services,
Legal services,
Appraisal services,
Negotiation and acquisition services.

Based on the specific project needs, Coastal Realty & Acquisition Services, Inc., will assemble the appropriate team members, obligate the team to the project goals under a single, master contract with the client, coordinate and manage the team during the project period, and provide a single point of contact for the client.

Advantages to many governmental clients can be to receive professional and coordinated land acquisition and consulting services using a Coastal team that offers skills and experience that may not be present, or available, within current government employee staff.   And Coastal teams only provide their services until that specific contract’s goals are met.  These time-sensitive services can come at a significant savings over the costs of full-time government employees that might provide similar services “in-house”.

Another advantage is to shift the time-consuming demands on management in the process of locating, coordinating, and communicating with a number of independent consultants to achieve land acquisition goals or mandates.   Coastal Realty & Acquisition Services, Inc., as the team manager, provides the client with a single point of contact to monitor a project’s progress. Another advantage of using private acquisition services is the potential to avoid the necessity of eminent domain proceedings.  In the private sector, discrete acquisitions occur on a daily basis.  Many sellers, once they know the buyer is a governmental agency, large corporation, wealthily individual or any other entity that has a “special interest” in the property will take advantage of the situation.  By using the private sector to negotiate the transaction, the identification of the client can be delayed, often resulting in a voluntary sale, and avoiding the potentially far greater costs of condemnation proceedings.